Bottom surgery: Useful community resources

In researching to learn more about my options in terms of bottom surgery as a trans man, reading other people’s stories have been a HUGE help. So here are they are!


  • Leo Mateus: his hysterectomy & overall lower surgery (#meta UK). His Meta 101 and Phallo 101 videos are great educational material too!
  • Jammidodger: Jamie is great fun and his lower surgery vlogs (#meta UK) are awesome!
  • FinnTheInfinncible: Finn is really fun and honest so his lower surgery videos are a real gift. (#phallo UK)
  • Cody_talks: If you wanna know everything on phalloplasty and what are the best underwear, Cody is your guy with his phalloplasty videos (#phallo US)
  • Tyince: On top of being a great singer, tyince is also great at phalloplasty Q&A (#phallo US)!
  • Thomas on Paperboy: for those looking for information about simple meta (#meta US)
  • Nielsjansendk: great resources from Denmark about meta and hysterectomy (#meta Serbia)
  • Arti Lane: super interesting especially about recovery and the emotional journey of having meta (#meta US)


  • as a pre-work, non specifically surgery-related, but a collection of trans elders food for thoughts. I almost cried when I first read it… I think it’s pretty important to keep in mind why we do things like having surgery and keep the big picture in mind of what the word is like, what is possible, what can be ‘fixed/repaired’ by surgeries and what cannot.
  • transbucket: with photos and brief summary for all types of surgeries
  • with everything from FAQ, finding a surgeon, pictures, estimation of costs etc
  • transdistrict: forum with information sharing on relationships, sex, surgeries (sometimes with photos), admin #French
  • surgeon’s websites: most surgeons have information on their website with details about what procedure they offer, conditions, photos and more


Community groups

  • FTMmetoidioplasty: Yahoo group, well everything is in the name
  • TheDecidingLine: Yahoo group, with info on all types of lower surgery
  • FTM Bottom Surgery Discussion: Facebook group, with info on all types of lower surgery. It tends to be more phallo oriented but tbh there’s also a lot of similarities between all these types of surgery 🙂

Oh and also, I just started reading the book Hung Jury and it is AMAZING. I’ll do a dedicated post about it some day.
Enjoy watching & reading!

NB: If you know other resources, feel free to suggest them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list!

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